VOICE TRAIL Personal Security by Blue Planet Security Corporation

On the trail, on the road or on the water....Your Personal Bodyguard and Guardian Angel.

Blue Telephone Company - Protect Your Privacy & Personal Security. Disposable, Temporary, Discrete Telephone Numbers Forwarded to Your Phone with Free Voice Mail.
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Don't disappear. Don't leave a cold trail. Don't become a statistic. Don't risk your life on a hiking, camping, boating or biking trip or even going out on that blind date. If you are being stalked or are afraid of an ex-significant other, this is the ideal service for personal protection. Your life can be saved by providing info with our VTsafe telephone service of your location and movements so the police know exactly where to start looking.

Get a disposable temporary number to maintain your privacy and personal security. Use it for dating, blind dates, when someone asks for your number, online ads, auctions, eBay, or any time you want to maintain your privacy and not be bothered. Visit BlueTELCO for more information.

32 million live alone...There are over 40,000 active missing person cases in the US...WHO will notice if YOU go missing?

VoiceTrail is a division of Blue Planet Security Corporation and Blue Planet Offices, Inc. which offer a wide range of personal security products and services including a 24 hour call center and internet response. We have been in business many years and provide full disclosure.

VoiceTrail offers a range of services starting at only $1.49 to meet your personal needs and budget. These include:

1. VTsafe1: This service is for a single trip or event. It is only $1.49. The service is web based. If you are overdue, we will attempt to contact you by email and cell phone. If we are unable to confirm your arrival, we will notify your emergency contacts.

2. VTsafe2: This is our trip and event service for a one month period. You pick the month period you are traveling and get 4 safe checkins. Web based service, though you can confirm arrival by telephone if you do not have internet access at the destination. Cost is only $7.95. You pay for one 30 day period and are not rebilled. You do have the option of ordering two and three months of coverage.

3. VTsafe3: This is our trip and event service for a one year period. You have a choice of a quarterly subscription or a one time yearly payment. This is for regular travelers, rv owners, boat owners, and others who travel regularly. Only $5.95 quarterly or One Year at $59.95.

4. VTsafe4: Trip and event web based checkin service is included free, though this Voice Trail product is about actually leaving a regular voice trail. If you are concerned about your personal security, this is the ultimate service. We provide you with your own personal telephone number. We provide you with a local number so there are no long distance charges or a number in any area code of your choice. This is a working telephone number with voice mail. You simply call the number and leave a message about your whereabouts. You don't have to bother family or friends at all hours and hope they remember what you tell them about your plans. You can use the number and voice mail as your personal note taker. You can use the number to screen people, by giving out your VT number rather than your mobile or home number. Maintain your privacy and personal security. You can change the number at any time too for a small fee.

You pick a password. We also have access to the voice mail but will only use it in the case of an emergency to provide information to law enforcement and/or your authorized emergency contacts. Our personal property security products provide 24 hr. telephone and web access.

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